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Our aim at Nowka Bais UK when we first started was to Commemorate, Celebrate and
Educate about Bangladesh here in the UK. The UK has many rivers and its association with
water, links greatly with Bangladesh, but for very differing reasons. What we aimed to do with Nowka Bais is bring awareness of who Bangladesh are as a nation but also to highlight to existing Bangladeshis here in the UK – that our motherland has beauty and splendour that we can celebrate and remember here. The Nowka Bais UK was a celebration of traditional boat racing when we started in 2007 in Oxfordshire – a city which is also globally renowned for its Varsity Rowing competition against Cambridge


Got what it takes to become #NationalNowkaBais champion winning team? All it takes is a crew of 15, you don’t need any previous experience. We can suggest sailing clubs within your area who may be able to offer training. Winning is everything but taking part is something else. BE part of the biggest British Bangladeshi sporting event outside Bangladesh. Over the years we have had teams from all over south asia but notably teams from to backgrounds also. The event has always been open to business and corporates, truly making our event a multi cultural event for everyone #NationalNowkaBais celebrating together all as one. #UnitedAsOne in the UK The Nowka Bais!


Apart from the races there is a lot going on throughout the day with Stage performances from Bangladeshi artists & cultural performances over the years we have had international artists perform from Ashiq from Bangladesh to international urban artists such as Mumzy, Nish as well as artists from the UK. We have stalls and traders selling anything from arts and crafts to food, as well as non profit organisations & charities also in attendance and a perfect way to showcase your products and services to a large audience. Want to be involved in the #NationalNowkaBais is more then just on the water. Wanna be part of it? Just click on the link below to find out more about our event.

the #nationalnowkabais team

The #NationalNowkaBais event & Nowka Bais in the UK was first founded in 2007 in the city of Oxford by Aziz Rahman & his sons. Throughout the years as we have had other cities and town host the event, working with different organising teams namely in Bedfordshire & Birmimingham.

2012 #NATIONALNOWKABAIS HM The Queen Diamond Jubilee Year

"I was most interested to learn about the history of the Nowka Bais and your continued support of your chosen charities. I much appreciate your kind words and , in return, send me best wishes to you all for a memorable and successful event"
"I am delighted to be able to use the fifth annual Nowka Bais to recognise the important contribution the Bangladeshi community has made over so many years, in the community cohesion, and towards the enrichment of Britains cultural, social and economic life"

taking part is one thing.. winning is everything #NATIONALNOWKABAIS

You gotta be in it to win it

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2007 – to the present day

Trailer From The #NationalNowkaBais 2017

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